Hi :D what is your favorite Zelda game besides OOT? :]

Oh, ouch. That is a very VERY close call between Wind Waker and Skyward Sword.

I’m ultimately going to have to say Skyward Sword though. Both were gorgeous games and I love them dearly, but Skyward Sword’s storyline, characters, and intuitive gameplay push it just ever so slightly above Wind Waker in my books.

I looove your blog! It's the first blog I've found of Ocarina of Time that's almost entirely gifs, which are my favorite! I loove Ocarina of Time. So, stay awesome. :D

^_^ Aw, thanks~ I’m so glad you like it. I make other gifs too, I just don’t post them on this blog. ♥

Hi, you're blog is wonderful, just thought I'd let you know. Ocarina of Time is my all-time favorite Zelda game x)

Ocarina of Time is my favorite game too! ^^

Thank you so much for telling me you like my blog. That actually means a lot to me. ♥

I have a hard time not reblogging everything you post, keep up the good work :)

Awww, thanks. ♥

I’m a big fan of Ocarina of Time. Actually, this blog was one of the first things I did after learning how to make gifs, lol~ So I know what you mean about wanting to reblog it all! 

That may have been another reason I made this. An excuse to reblog all the OoT gifs!

How do you make your gifs?

Well, first I record myself playing the game.  The emulator I use is Project 64.  The program I use to record is Camtasia Studio 6.  Then I export the videos as an avi video and finally open them in Photoshop CS3 where I do resizing, trimming, captions, and any other editing.

It’s not as difficult and time consuming as it sounds, and I enjoy it. ^^


What r some of ur favorite LOZ blogs?

Let’s see I like skyloftian, fyeahlegendofzelda, loznerd, insidehyrule, gor0n, grinevilly, rebloggerz-of-time, hylian-tourists, and ditsycucco to name a few.

Can I also give special attention to one other blog:

dat-pompadour is the most glorious ask blog I have ever seen. I recommend any fan of Skyward Sword or Groose to follow. Beautiful art, hilarious answers. GO FORTH AND FOLLOW.

Also my main blog is zikau but I blog stuff other than Zelda too.

what are your favorite blogs so far? (:
I think the best Wii emulator for the computer is the Dolphin emulator. The graphics are much better than on the Wii, and they have walkthrough's to help set up the emulator and even usethe control and nunchuk if you have it. Just for that anon in case they were looking for a good one!

*immediately went and downloaded*

Having trouble getting it to work. Maybe it’s the ISO I downloaded… Hmm…

Wii and DS emulators aren't hard to find, though Wii ones can be hard to make work (you need a really good computer, and then there's still compatibility issues). DS emulators work well and don't usually have too many problems, but using the mouse for the touch screen can make some games more difficult. Just pray to St. Google and see what happens.

Well then, I stand corrected. On that note, I’ll probably be looking for a Wii emulator in the near future. (I’d love to make Skyward Sword gifs, I just can’t afford one of them HD screen recorder things.)

Thank you anon~

is project 64 only for nintendo 64 or can you use it for ds and wii roms?

It is my understanding that Project 64 is strictly for Nintendo 64 roms.

It would probably take some serious internet digging to find an emulator for Wii or DS, partly because the touch screen/motion controls are harder to emulate, but mostly because they are newer consoles and Nintendo is much more likely to take action preventing anything that will cut profits at this time. But hey, I could be wrong~